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SOMMARIO Olimpias Pitti Filati to be held in Florence to feature 140 exhibitors Competitor Gentile utente, non ci sono aggiornamenti in questa sezione della rassegna stampa Settore Summit Iran-Italia:
SOMMARIO Olimpias Pitti Filati to be held in Florence to feature 140 exhibitors Competitor Gentile utente, non ci sono aggiornamenti in questa sezione della rassegna stampa Settore Summit Iran-Italia: Airoldi, Gruppo Benetton pronto a produrre nel Paese IAF: Iran entering the global apparel system Italian Textile Machinery Manufacturers to Visit Iran Hugo Boss promotes CFO as CEO Levi Strauss & Co. and Evrnu reuse cotton garment waste Olimpias Pitti Filati to be held in Florence to feature 140 exhibitors YarnsandFibers News Bureau, :30:00 - Florence Pitti Filati: the key International rendez-vous for the textile and knitwear industry where new fashion and lifestyle trends are launched will be held in Florence. This, the 79th edition, will feature previews of yarns for the 2017/2018 fall-winter season. The event will also showcase products like such as A & B Studio Adriana Sorg Csas, Industria Spa Italian Yarn, Acorn, Alpes Spa Manufacturing Yarn, Biagimar Zipper, Poala Botto Spa, Cariaggi Lanificio Spa, E. Miroglio Srl, Spa Filartex and many more etc. in the Apparel & Clothing industry. Both a dynamic research lab and an authoritative global observatory that looks onto lifestyle trends for the future, with a total of 140 brands at this edition, 30 of which are from abroad, Pitti Filati presents world-scale excellence in yarns to its audience of international buyers and designers from the biggest names in fashion who come to Florence looking for creative inspiration. The new names and re-entries at this edition include: Olimpias (Galli Filati, Filma, Goriziana), Sato Seni, Filitaly Lab, Knoll, Power, and Woolyarns, Polipeli, Mohair South Africa. Competitor Gentile utente, non ci sono aggiornamenti in questa sezione della rassegna stampa SETTORE Summit Iran-Italia: Airoldi, Gruppo Benetton pronto a produrre nel Paese Teheran - Siamo pronti a produrre in Iran in collaborazione con le aziende locali e rispettando le tradizioni e la cultura locali . Lo ha affermato il Ceo di Benetton, Marco Airoldi che, al primo Iran-Italy Summit organizzato da The European House-Ambrosetti, ha spiegato che il famoso brand italiano e' giunto in Iran nel 2005 con l'apertura dei primi punti vendita. Airoldi, ricordando che oggi esistono quasi 30 punti vendita Benetton nel Paese, ha ftto sapere che le imposte sulle merci straniere rimangono alte nella nazione erede dell'antica Persia che chiaramente cerca di incentivare la produzione interna tassando le merci straniere. Proprio per questo, ha sottolineato, la maggiore collaborazione con i produttori locali, non per la produzione di tutte le tipologie di merce ma almeno per alcune, potrebbe essere un'idea, come oggi avviene in una nazione come l'india. Il Ceo di Benetton ha concluso ricordando che sviluppare la produzione in Iran non e' solo una questione di soldi ma anche un'opportunità per il paese mediorientale per ricevere esperienza e tecnologia . (AGI) IAF: Iran entering the global apparel system 18 May :26 (UTC+04:00) In sync with the lifting of the sanctions of Iran, the Tehran Garment Union, Tehran/Iran, has joined the International Apparel Federation (IAF), Zeist/Netherlands. Particular interest was expressed in discussing the possibilities Iran offers as both a consumer market and a production market. Italian Textile Machinery Manufacturers to Visit Iran May, 07, 2016 TEHRAN (Tasnim) Representatives of Italian textile machinery manufacturers are planned to visit Iran later this month to explore business opportunities in the country following the removal of anti-tehran sanctions. According to a statement released by the Association of Italian Textile Machinery Manufacturers (ACIMIT) on Friday, a total of 26 textile machinery manufacturers from the European country will be taking part in a roadshow in Iran to reclaim their position in the country s market. Organized by the Italian Trade Agency as well as the country s Ministry of Economic Development, the event will kick off on May 22 and go on until May 30. During the roadshow, the Italian businessmen will hold a series of symposia in the cities of Tehran, Yazd, Isfahan, and Mashhad so that Iranian textile manufacturers can measure their knowhow for cooperation. In 2004, Iran was ranked among the top ten markets for Italian exports in the sector. After years of complete stagnation, our businesses have begun to do steady business in Iran. I m confident that this roadshow will contribute to allowing us to recoup lost time, said President of ACIMIT Raffaella Carabelli. We now have the possibility of returning to a market that has a great tradition, with even more success than in the past and with very interesting prospects, he added. In 2015, Italian exports to Iran amounted to 8 million euros. Iranian demand is spread out over all types of production, but Italian finishing and spinning machines are the primary exports. There has been growing enthusiasm for trade ties with Iran after implementation of a final nuclear deal between Iran and the Group 5+1 (Russia, China, the US, Britain, France and Germany), which took effect on January 16. The deal, known as the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA), has terminated all nuclear-related sanctions on Iran, reopened the doors of foreign investment to the country s market, and prepared the ground for a much-anticipated economic boom. LEVI STRAUSS & CO. AND EVRNU REUSE COTTON GARMENT WASTE CLEO LEVINMAY 13, 2016 Levi Strauss & Co. and textile technology startup Evrnu, SPC announced that they have created a jean made from regenerated post-consumer cotton waste. The process uses a new, patent-pending recycling technology to turn discarded consumer waste into a renewable fiber. A pair of Levi s 511 jeans made from this fiber are the first prototype for Evrnu. The garment was created from approximately five discarded cotton t-shirts and uses 98 percent less water than virgin cotton products, according to Evrnu data. Paul Dillinger, head of global product innovation at Levi Strauss & Co., said, By tackling water conservation through new fiber innovation, the apparel industry has the potential to significantly reduce its water footprint. He continued, As technologies such as Evrnu evolve over time, there will be greater opportunities to accelerate the pace of change towards a closed loop apparel industry. Evrnu is expecting this first partnership with Levi s to improve investor awareness and represent the first steps toward future commercialization of the recycling technology. LS&Co. was the perfect first partner for us to demonstrate our technology and capability, as they are an iconic American company with a product that s recognized around the world, said Evrnu CEO Stacy Flynn. Our aspiration is to build a pair of Levi s jeans that are just as beautiful and strong as the original, and we re making great progress toward that goal.
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