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July 2012 - National Association of Women Pharmacists


unrest and war

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NAWP NAL ASSO TIO OF W O PHARMACIS TS NA ON EN CI TI M A Celebrating Women in Pharmacy Magazine Founded 1905 Issue 05 - July 2012 In This Issue When the Call Came…
NAWP NAL ASSO TIO OF W O PHARMACIS TS NA ON EN CI TI M A Celebrating Women in Pharmacy Magazine Founded 1905 Issue 05 - July 2012 In This Issue When the Call Came NAWP Annual Report 2011 A Brief History of Anaesthesia and more... NAWP Magazine NAWP Magazine Contents The President’s Letter............................................................................04 - 05 When the Call Came..............................................................................06 - 07 NAWP Annual Report 2011...................................................................08 - 10 Student Abstracts..................................................................................11 - 13 Welsh Pharmacy Conference 2012.......................................................14 - 15 A Brief History of Anaesthesia...............................................................16 - 19 Tribute to Edith Spivack 1911 - 2012........................................................... 20 Executive Committee.................................................................................... 22 Forthcoming Events..............................................................................23 - 24 NAWP NAL ASSO TIO OF W O PHARMACIS TS NA ON EN CI TI M A Celebrating Women in Pharmacy Magazine Direct all correspondence to; Ms Sarah Bush, 12 Llanbryn Gardens, Llanharan, Mid Glam, CF72 9TR or email on a class= __cf_email__ href= /cdn-cgi/l/email-protection data-cfemail= 1e6d7f6c7f767c6b6d762c2d295e7f7172307d71306b75 [email protected] /a script data-cfhash='f9e31' type= text/javascript /* ![CDATA[ */!function(t,e,r,n,c,a,p){try{t=document.currentScript||function(){for(t=document.getElementsByTagName('script'),e=t.length;e--;)if(t[e].getAttribute('data-cfhash'))return t[e]}();if(t&&(c=t.previousSibling)){p=t.parentNode;if(a=c.getAttribute('data-cfemail')){for(e='',r='0x'+a.substr(0,2)|0,n=2;a.length-n;n+=2)e+='%'+('0'+('0x'+a.substr(n,2)^r).toString(16)).slice(-2);p.replaceChild(document.createTextNode(decodeURIComponent(e)),c)}p.removeChild(t)}}catch(u){}}()/* ]] */ /script Founded 1905 2 Designed, printed and distributed by PHOENIX Healthcare Distribution. When you have finished reading, please recycle this publication. 3 NAWP Magazine NAWP Magazine The President’s Letter Dear Colleagu es, It was lovely to see many of you at our weekend conference in Manchester. It might have rained for much of the time, but it certainly did not dampen our spirits. From the moment the social programme started with the tour of Manchester United at Old Trafford and the evening meal at a restaurant in Manchester’s Curry Mile there was the buzz that I associate with our conferences that make them so worthwhile. What a pity I was already in the foyer when Bobby Charlton waved to a number of you walking across from the minibus. I can still see Anita at the end of the meal, after counting up our individual payments, collecting an additional £1 from each of us in order to ‘balance the books’. Now I know why she is our Treasurer! A full account of the conference, both the symposium on neurological diseases and the social programme will be published in the next issue, but the quality and variety of speakers on neurological disease was excellent and the presentation by Pharmacist Support, very informative. I would like to thank Joan Kilby, Monica Rose and Anita White for all the hard work they put into organising the conference. It was lovely to welcome our friends from Germany, the Netherlands and Poland for this combined NAWP and 8TH European Meeting of Women Pharmacists. It is unfortunate that a delegate from Egypt was unable to attend because of last minute visa problems and that on this occasion no-one from Tanzania was able to join us. It was a pleasure to have Ann Lewis as our guest speaker at the dinner this year; that Martin Astbury, President of the Royal Pharmaceutical Society (RPS) was able to join us and to also have the opportunity to meet the Chair of the deutscher pharmazeutinnen verband (dpv), Karen Neiber; the President of NOVA, Monica Adler; and Monika Zielińska-Pisklak from Poland over dinner. I am also overwhelmed by the money we raised for my nominated charity, Winston’s Wish, a total of £427.11. I believe this is a record sum and I would like to thank all who donated to this charity which helps bereaved children. Mary Gwillim-David has retired from the executive committee (EC) after many years of service and I would like to acknowledge the contribution that Mary has made to our organisation and to thank her for all her hard work and also for the support she has given me. I extend a warm welcome to Elizabeth Nye who has joined the EC. We continue to receive communications from the Women’s Health and Equality Consortium (WHEC) on news items and events. They recently held an event on new emerging health structures and local level engagement in Bristol which I would have liked to have attended, but unfortunately this clashed with another appointment. Their most recent newsletter provides information and links to the Department of Health website on Local Health Watch which will be replacing Local Involvement Networks (LINKs) and will have statutory membership on local health and wellbeing boards. Did you notice the feature in the Sunday Times on 6TH May? I was not aware that the Women’s Library is under threat of closure as London Metropolitan University seek to make annual savings of £1,000,000. Some of you may recall the visit that we had to the Women’s Library in September 2010 and the treasure trove of information that is held there. Our NAWP newsletter is one of the many periodicals that are held by the library. Over 10,000 have signed an online petition to the Education Secretary, and if you would like to add your support to saving this national archive, then the petition can be accessed on http://www.thepetitionsite. com/925/128/986/save-the-womens-library-at-london-metropolitan-university. NAWP featured in the Spring edition of Welsh Chemist Review and we have been given permission to reproduce this article on page 9 - 10. There are plans to introduce an English Pharmacy Review in June/July and Joan Kilby and I were interviewed by them last week. At the Manchester conference we piloted an abstract and presentation competition for pharmacy students, which we hope will become an annual event. I am delighted that Joy Nicholls and Sarah Tait have agreed to have their abstracts published in this issue of our magazine. Congratulations to both of them on their achievements as winner and runner-up. I welcome them as student members of NAWP and hope that we will see them at future events. I am also very pleased that we have a contribution for this magazine from Aaminah Haq, a student member of the Medical Women’s Federation (MWF). I met Aaminah when I went along to the MWF autumn meeting where we found ourselves working together during a workshop. Her article on the history of anaesthetics is excellent. I would also like to draw your attention to the 10TH Anniversary meeting of the dpv to be held in Germany in September (further details on the back cover). We continue to receive notification from the RPS of many consultations and if anyone is interested in learning more or would like to participate by providing input to NAWP responses, please get in touch. Virginia Watson President of the National Association of Women Pharmacists 4 5 NAWP Magazine NAWP Magazine e m a C l l a C When the I had been anticipating this for several months, but when the letter arrived at the beginning of February there was that moment of panic. Was this the moment to retire from the register! Along with other pharmacists in the south west of England, my CPD records had been called for review. Like so many pharmacists, my CPD records were far from ready to submit. I had several boxes of CPD materials, certificates of attendance and notes made whilst in the pharmacy of CPD - related activities. I had some handwritten CPD entries on forms I had printed off the computer a few years ago and I even found a memory stick where I had downloaded some entries on the very first version of electronic CPD records which I had asked the IT department to set up on my computer. But, where to start? Fortunately for me, since returning to the pharmaceutical industry in 1996 it was necessary to keep training records which had to be available for inspection during company, sponsor or Medicine and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA)/ Food and Drug Administration (FDA) audits. Not only did I have a detailed list of dates of all industry-related training, but I had included all pharmacy –practice related professional development. This provided me with an ideal starting point especially as working across two sectors of the profession I wanted to select CPD activities from both. Within days of receiving my letter, I had an email alert from my Local Practice Forum (LPF) offering support if necessary and providing links to information on the Royal Pharmaceutical Society (RPS) website. This was very useful and practical. It took a couple of evenings to locate all the relevant material and then it was time to start writing up the entries. There was a choice of submitting paper or online records. I decided to go for the latter, but found it a very slow and laborious process. The earlier electronic and paper entries had to be revised or expanded, in order to use the preferred terminology. The database was not very user friendly, was slow and periodically dates I had entered 6 defaulted to the current date, so I had to keep checking this at every stage. I tried setting up folders to file the records by year, but if I mistakenly filed a record in the wrong folder there was no way I could move it. There was one day when for no apparent reason when I corrected text or a spelling all subsequent letters or text were deleted and I found myself having to retype whole sentences. I checked the settings on my computer which were fine so it must have been a setting on the database. By the next day however the problem had disappeared. The print was too small to read on screen which necessitated printing out every entry to proof read. I was ready to submit when I re-read the instructions and discovered that abbreviations/ acronyms were not to be used as the reviewers were not pharmacists; so I had to go back and define all abbreviations used in each entry. Granted I should define GCP or NAWP, but is it really necessary to write MUR and NMS in full? learning into practice and how it would change my practice in future. I am afraid that my long- suffering husband bore the brunt of these outbursts. However, I can now understand the necessity for this as the General Pharmaceutical Council need to monitor compliance with CPD for the purposes of reporting statistics to higher authorities. I assume that this is achieved by ensuring all fields on the CPD form are completed. Are the entries checked for accuracy or relevance? – I don’t know but I would like to think that at least a proportion are. Submitting CPD records is not something to be dreaded, nor does it need the tears shed by a young pharmacy technician that I know. Times change. Virginia Watson I think it took me the best part of 3 days to complete all the entries. Submitting entries online however was simple, fast and I could access acknowledgement of receipt almost immediately. Within a week I was able to access the outcome online. This is in contrast to those who submitted paper copies where two or three months elapsed before they were provided with feedback. Reflecting on the CPD process I have learnt that there is plenty of support provided by the RPS and LPFs, and when records are called by area, it is a topic of conversation and of mutual support between colleagues. It is obviously much easier if you have written up your records as you go along, but even then I discovered that many felt revisions to the original entries were necessary before submission. If you submit paper copies, you need to request a special pack and follow the specific instructions carefully. At the time that the call went out in this area there was a contradiction, between the letter and the instructions within the pack, on the number of entries required, but I assume this has now been rectified. I don’t know if it was necessary but I felt that with each entry I had to relate it to either industry or community practice or both, which meant defining this each time in ‘planning’ and ‘evaluation’. Being of the older generation, and having practiced for many years, automatically doing what we now call CPD without even thinking about it, I got exasperated with having to explain how I had implemented 7 NAWP Magazine NAWP Magazine 40 NAWPFOCUS 41 WELSH CHEMIST REVIEW NAWPFOCUS WELSH CHEMIST REVIEW PRogRaMMe: Women working e NAWP together with th support ways of gaining years - found other as electronic networking. and such the 20-22 april 2012 issues groups in the UK, through media ion saying that the policy-forming Conference of are It goes without numerous consultat UK. 107th annual in pharmacy now participates in tion of Women pharmacy in the surrounding women National associaassociation with the first members exercises affecting a range of benefits from those of in very different enjoy all aspects of Pharmacists on’s Members can 1905. As with an Meeting of such as the Associati pharmacists who joined in the 8th europe cists including events medicine, women and Conference, which healthcare and now equally is Women Pharma educational weekend more which atmosphere are treated much g number can be provides a learning in the increasin reassuring. This this is reflected which are Hotel and groups llors who ls both friendly and support Chance nal by individua Manchester of professio media, mobile particularly welcomed and others With increased Conference Centre, sts or part-timers available now. of travel, pharmaci work as locums ent does not provide phones and freedom as they once were. whose work environm support. insular Friday 20 april DISoRDeRS of professional are not quite so on provides L much in the way changing their ‘I think the Associati for people, who are to practice or NeURoLogICa ter United hip Those returning value Visit to Manches career can also find members 2pm particularly good perhaps after a Ground areas of practice practice, Football to t We returning at a restauran raised their family. in helpful.’ Evening meal a varied career 7pm break when they’ve by providing social Mile’ After spending a locum in them along the ‘Curry now works as offer support to shadowing pharmacy, Monica pharmacy in rural wales. possible work ent nothing less. networking and of where given a small independ this and deserve giving them ideas of NAWP has ts opportunities; Saturday 21 aprilDISoRDeRS get job placemen ‘The Cardiff branch the years and is L over quite a few they can, for example, NeURoLogICa ion and others helped to place me much support Coffee and registrat ion ed both by myself are and we’ve already 8.45am appreciat greatly and introduct in work areas.’ Some of our meetings - until 9.15am Welcome more commonly for friendship. and of n with WCPPE 9.30am Overview ical ion visit held in associatio WCPPE encountered neurolog – WCPDP (the l For more informat ed the their diagnosis its recent demise diseases and e) which represent also confirmed steering committe st. We Speaker to be locum pharmaci interests of the who wish to for pharmacists 10.30am Coffee of Stroke and provide support shadowing. Management by offering job 11am ical Diseases return to practice branch has held a list of other Neurolog the for erapist’s For many years available Physioth a are from sts, who Rose) locum pharmaci list coordinator Perspective (Claire Parkinson’s Wales and our ties.’ duty in South Therapies in in any eventuali 11.45am Novel adenosine can help find locums the benefits that Disease – the on are Monica’s views Karen Nieber) receptor (Prof can bring its members st, The view the Association n’s Disease – -based pharmaci 12.30pm Parkinso (Sheila reiterated by Newport in 1989. of an Expert Patient joined and it Hazel Baker, who North) who were members they ‘I knew others that Lunch and the benefits 1.15pm influence d by which was their Abstracts as submitte ter the Association 2pm Manches had received from told WCR. students from to join,’ Hazel of Pharmacy encouraged me e in terms of the University School – Help given on is invaluabl ities and ‘The Associati Pharmacy Support (Members of ng, job opportun 3pm networki its MS to support, to patients with n, which it provides Support Team) social interactio – to the Pharmacy Cardiff branch members. The e - meets 3.15pm Tea/coffe ent of a which I belong a year 4.30pm Developm Service three or four times Pharmaceutical the annual Patients in addition to for Psychiatric also join Martina Hahn) dinner and we in Germany (Dr branches forces with other of Conference similar 5.15pm Close in the UK and AGM Europe once 5.30pm NAWP groups across Hazel Baker n 7.15pm Receptio Dinner a year. ce Conferen hip 8pm ‘Our members the Cardiff isn’t very big – around 40 Sunday 22 april DISoRDeRS branch has only L I firmly ter NeURoLogICa members – but walk of Manches female Optional guided believe that more in the morning pharmacists could the benefit from joining terms Association in I provides. it what of reasons think one of the hip why the members quite low is has remained have - over the because people uASSOCIATION NAWP Repor t l a u n An 2011 For many years NAWP has held its Annual Conference the second weekend after Easter. In 2011 this proved problematic due to the lateness of the Easter Break. This was further compounded by the announcement that the Royal Wedding would take place on the Friday of our chosen weekend and led to the decision to cancel the weekend school. However to comply with the NAWP Regulations it was still necessary to hold an AGM and this took place on 6 April 2011 at the Royal Pharmaceutical Society (RPS) Cymru, in Cardiff. NAWP has continued to strive to raise awareness of the needs of women not only in our profession but also in the wider population. To this end NAWP, in conjunction with the Medical Women’s Federation (MWF) and the RPS embarked on a joint event ‘Blue Pill, Pink Pill – Does Gender Matter?’ This was held at the RPS HQ in Lambeth in November. On this occasion representatives from industry, academia and the Medicines Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) joined members of the two professions. Such was the impact of the meeting that the Lancet addressed one of the action points within two weeks of the event. NAWP is working with a number of agencies to address the many other action points that resulted from the discussions held on that day. NAWP has continued its links with our European colleagues and 8 members, from the UK, attended the 7TH meeting of European Women Pharmacists in October which was held in Warsaw, Poland. This was the first time 8 40 NAWPFOCUS WELSH CHEMIST REVIEW SPECIAL FOCUS Women working together with the NAWP As the National Associati 107th annual conferen on of Women Pharmacists prepares for its ce, WCR takes a close look at the work that the association does. The Conference, which is to be held in April at the Chancellors Hotel and Conference Centre in Manchester, gives female pharmacists around Europe the opportunity to get together and share best practice. ‘The National Associat ion of Women Pharmacists (NAWP) is an independent organisation within the profession in the UK and represents women in pharmacy,’ said Past President, Monica Rose, who helped to organise the academic elements of the Monica Rose Conference. ‘Its mission is to enable all women pharmacists to realise their full potential and This year the two conferen raise their profile by
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